Solar Panel Removal and Replacement

Were Your Solar Panels Installed Incorrectly?

We handle solar panel removal and replacement in the San Antonio, TX area

If your solar panels haven't worked properly since they were installed, something may have gone wrong during the installation process. Soleil Energy Solutions LLC can correct the issue by providing solar panel removal and reinstallation services in or near San Antonio, TX.

Call 210-255-8825 today to talk to a local solar panel contractor. We'll provide a free estimate on the solar panel removal and reinstallation process.

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Replace broken solar panels

If one or more of your solar panels is broken, you can turn to us for solar panel replacement services. You can rely on us when:

  • Hail damages your solar panels
  • Hot spots overload your solar panels
  • Roof problems affect your solar panels

We'll install replacements from a reputable brand, such as Q CELLS or Enphase, and prepare your solar panels for years of efficient, reliable energy production. Contact us now for more information about solar panel replacement services.