I got a battery and solar system for $118 a month from Nathan and I couldn't be happier.

Cristine Gonzalez

I had a problem with my solar panels since 2016, and my old company finally said "you prove there is something wrong or we don't work on it anymore." Soleil Energy was the third company to look at the problem and found many errors from previous work. The part I liked about Soleil Energy is that Abbas and crew were not satisfied until everything was corrected to make the system run at top capacity. There was a thoughtful process to problem-solving, honestly about what my eleven year-old system could do, and they showed up on time every day. Hey -- my system appears to be working again!

Thomas Hoy

Jennifer and Abas have been amazing to work with. I wanted to wait a full year to provide a review (8/2018 was the install of 27 panel system). Overall the install has been a great success. Jennifer worked with me while I finished grad school and helped me come up with a plan to execute once I was ready. Soleil was never pushy and waited until I was ready to move. They always answered all my questions and addressed any concerns. They also went above and beyond in installing a covered patio that also served as a partial base for my solar panels. I would highly recommend them if you have custom needs and want a great product and service. At any since the install, they have continued to provide support as needed. They have never turned back on their promise to ensure I was satisfied. I look forward to continue working with them as my needs change and hope to become an advocate for their quality work and design.

John Rodriguez

Professional, honest, and personable. Family team. Minority owned here in San Antonio. Wonderful experience from start to finish on our project! They didn't nickel-and-dime us as other companies tried to. Not only were they knowledgeable about residential solar and various solar products, they repaired and fixed the many errors of the company that initially installed our system. In a world of dying customer service, I can guarantee you excellent customer service with this team!

J. Timmerman

My husband and I had been considering solar panels for our home for awhile but had not taken the time to research it much. I was familiar with it due to the rebate programs available through CPS but that was the extent of our education. Then we met Josh Buenrostro. He was very knowledgeable and honest about how solar panels worked and the benefits for our home. We appreciated his openness to educate yes and his honesty. If you are thinking about going solar I recommend speaking with Josh.

Thebaseball Chain

I had an amazing experience working with Soleil! My panels look great and my system is really well designed. Even if you have had a bad experience with another company previously, they can still help you! Excellent service!!!

Daniel Murray

This is a working company, you'll save lots money by signing up with Soloil Energy. The support is there. Excellent work from this company and solarpanel work. Saving lots of money on electricity. A better company

Alfred Garcia

I had a great experience purchasing solar for my home. I would recommend them to everyone

Amber Richardson

Jennifer and Abbas were fantastic! Answer all my questions above my expectations. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

Kellye Dooley